Recumbent Cycling Apparel

Recumbent Cycling Essentials – Clothing & Gear

While many features of bent cycling clothing is the same as all cycling clothing, there are a few key changes that Aero Tech Designs makes to our recumbent clothing line.  Posture while riding is one of the main reasons why:


1.       Rider visibility at shoulder level
2.       Seamless back for comfort and durability
3.       Front pockets (instead of rear pockets) for storage
4.       Reflective elements for riding in low light conditions
5.       Stretch fabric for freedom of movement

When it comes to shorts, traditional cycling shorts with a chamois pad are not usually necessary for bent riders because recumbent bikes have different seats with more support and padding.  Instead of padded shorts, multi-panel compression shorts are great options for bent riders to take advantage of muscle compression and moisture wicking.  Recumbent riders can have a tendency to build heat in the saddle area,so the use of a wicking fabric is needed to keep dry and comfortable. Recumbent riders have special needs for riding apparel as they are seated without the ischial bone support. The upright position and the seated position create unique demands for riding. Aero Tech is always trying to come up with better ideas to keep our fellow recumbent riders more comfortable.  We understand the issues of visibility and special "hot spots" for avid riders. As we develop our products, our goal is always to keep you riding longer, and feeling stronger. The shorts we recommend below are stretchy and provide you with complete freedom of movement for the cycling motion on a recumbent bicycle.  Ride Longer..fellow Bent Riders...See you on the road!