IllumiNITE Women's Softshell Windproof Reflective Winter Gloves

Aero Tech Designs

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Windproof and Water Resistant. This glove comes with neoprene cuff to keep the cold wind out, and terry cloth thumb for a soft wipe. Excellent running or cycling glove for seasonal protection. IllumiNITE reflective printing enhances visibility for roadside safety.
illumiNite Reflective

IllumiNITE is a patented retro-reflective technology applied to the surface area of the fabric. Millions of microparticles called sataLITE DISHES?? reflect light back to the originating source. Unlike conventional reflective strips or trims, illumiNITE?? can be applied over the surface area of a product to reflect back a silhouette profile that is easily recognizable as a distinctive human shape. illumiNITE can be combined with a broad range of other fabrics and fabric coatings to offer outstanding body comfort and climate protection.