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Chamois: Top Shelf
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Women's Cute Padded Bike Short - Strawberry Fields

made in U.S.A.Don't be fooled by the sweet look of these women's padded bike shorts, they are super tough performers with great features like: freedom for movement, anti-chafe chamois padding and a nice cushion for the bicycle saddle.  Once you feel the comfort, you will love them! They feel like a second skin, you won't give a second thought to your bottoms while you are cycling until you realize not only do they look good but they feel awesome on the saddle! The bright pink and super slick design of a bicycle gear create a feminine style for you gear-head girls out there!

Once you put the Strawberry Fields Women's Specific Padded Cycling Shorts on and ride, these shorts become an essential part of your cycling joy Designed for comfort so you can ride longer and feel stronger. Shorts have a high spandex content for soft massaging comfort and supportive compression. These printed women's padded bike shorts stay in place and give you the freedom to focus on the ride.

They have a M.L.P. Multi-Level Pad with 3D molded construction to eliminate friction and add extra padding to the pressure areas in the seat. The cycling shorts crotch pad has smooth edges and wraps the body curves between the legs. It is hygienic antibacterial Coolmax that stays dry and inhibits the growth of bacteria. Machine Wash, Air Dry.

These bike shorts move freely with the pedaling motion to prevent chafe.

* Aero Tech Designs makes Top Shelf Cycling Shorts in Pennsylvania
* Fabric is knitted in USA: 77% Nylon 23% Spandex
* Unconditionally Guaranteed - Tested - proven performance
* Flat locked stretch seams are smooth for next to skin softness
* Cycling Short Fabric is microfiber with six-way stretch
* Elastic free waist is soft, non roll with flat seams that hug and stay put
* Short has soft leg elastics to make sure the shorts stay in place while riding
* Soft, non-binding leg grippers are effective at smoothly staying put
* Chamois padding is sewn into the crotch area.
* Smooth, seamless inner leg reduces opportunity for abrasion and sores.

Fabulous Fit Feels Great and Performs with Comfort!

Flat lock Seams - are smooth for next to skin softness. The fabric is made in USA and is a premium knit for cycling shorts. The fabric is very durable against abrasion and has excellent compression. It is a 8.2 ounce, tricot knit fabric with six way stretch knitted from high quality technical microfiber yarns 77% Nylon 23% Spandex

Leg Hems (inside) - The leg grippers are made from a soft silicone strip and a soft knitted elastic that is not binding and easy to wear. The elastics are important during long distance cycling to keep the shorts down and the crotch area smooth by preventing bunching up at the crotch area.

* Leg grippers prevent shorts from riding up
* Smooth, seamless inner leg reduces opportunity for abrasion and sores
* 3M Reflective Tabs for light refraction back to it's source
* Unconditionally guaranteed | Tested - proven performance
* Machine wash, air dry for longest life of the short

Top Shelf Chamois Pad

aero tech chamois pad Top Shelf pad is an anatomically designed pad for the bike riding position. The Multi-Level Pad M.L.P uses multi-level production technology and Multiple Layered Foams to improve comfort by relieving the pressure points between the body and the bicycle saddle.

What makes this pad special? It is the fantastic fit that comes from a highly engineered design that fits all your curves between the legs and around the body's pelvic area. The side wings on this pad offer up excellent fit around your legs and torso. This excellent fit is not available with one piece pads.
The surface of the chamois is antibacterial which is important to prevent the growth of bacterial which lead to saddle sores for long distance cyclists. Pad Thickness: 10mm in saddle area, 5mm on sides Anatomical design for riding position: ergonomic concepts were employed for the design of this bike short that hugs the muscles for support and reduction of muscle fatigue.

The M.L.P (Muliti-Level Pad) uses multi-level production technology to improve comfort by relieving the pressure points between the body and the bicycle saddle. The new pad system incorporates the long established Hygienic fabric

t.m.f. chamois pad

Foams: High Impact Perforated,

Thickness: 10 mm total thickness on sit bones, 3Dimensional 10 mm 6 mm 5 mm Density: 60 kg

Category: Long Distance Cycling Road or Mountain Biking.

This pad system incorporates the log established Hygienic fabric. The a new generation of cycling seat pads made of polyester microfibers.The chamois pad is engineered across the ischial bones so that you can ride a long distance. The Top Shelf long distance chamois pad is 10 MM thick in saddle sit bones area. The best fitting chamois on earth - there is no other pad that will fit into your crotch curves better than this highly designed and engineered chamois pad. The bike short has a MLP (multi-level-pad) that is 3D engineered for effective support of the key sit bones. The keenly designed shape eliminates chafing and smooths out the crotch area for maximum comfort on long bicycle rides. We recommend you grease up the pad with an anti-chafe cream when riding long distances.

The Top Shelf Chamois pad has an excellent fit which is impossible with one piece pads. The surface of the chamois is an antibacterial, microfine brushed polyester fabric that wicks the perspiration away from the chamois area to keep you dry and comfortable on long rides. You will appreciate the great fit of the Top Shelf Chamois pad, a fit you can't get with a seamless construction. Like a baseball, the chamois pad has seams cut with curves to fully and efficiently wrap all the curves between the legs. The crotch area has three severe curves, the torso and two thighs which all have a steep curvature. To maximize the fit, it would be impossible to fit all these curves with a single flat piece of fabric. To effectively protect this area, the top shelf chamois padding is assembled by sewing curved wings onto the primary pad area, this creates an excellent fit that maximizes protection and saddle sore prevention.

M.L.P. is a generation of cycling seat pad made of polyester microfibers. The multi level pad uses multi level production technology to improve comfort by relieving the pressure points between the body and the bicycle saddle. Long Distance and Endurance pad. The pad system incorporates the long established Hygienic fabric. COOL PAD is made from a SCHOELLER PCM foam, which incorporates micro capsules that cool the wearer by absorbing excessive body heat produced during vigorous activity. Color: Blue/Black

The Women's Top Shelf Chamois padding has multiple densities of foam fitted together like a puzzle to provide the ultimate in padded comfort for bicycle riding. Padding is very durable and easy to wear, it is engineered for extra foam on sit bone area. Ventilation holes shown in photo create a cooling, breathable pad with vapor transportation to keep you butt area cool and dry.


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This Season Ride in Comfort and Style in the Women's Strawberry Fields Bicycle Shorts!


aero tech designs cycling apparel
Aero Tech Women's - Size Chart
Size Women's Size Waist (Estimate inches) Leg Inseam (inches) Hip (inches)
X-Small 2-4 22-24 6.75 33 - 35
Small 6-8 24-26 7.5 35.5 - 37
Medium 8-10 27-29 7.75 37.5 - 40
Large 12-14 30-32 8 40.5 - 43
X-Large 16-18 33-37 8.25 43.5 - 47
XX-Large 20-22 38-40 8.5 47.5 - 51
3XL 24-26 41-46 8.5 51.5 - 55
4XL 28+ 41-46 8.5 55.5 - 60

Size Chart is an estimate for fit, however to choose a size your personal preferences for fit may require you to choose a larger or smaller size. If you understand and want compression, order your size or one smaller, if you don't want it to fit snug, order a size larger. Use a tape measure and your fit preferences to choose a size. Garments are super stretchy.

Saddle area is 84% Nylon and 16% spandex, Side Panels are 80% polyester 20% Spandex

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