Women's Commuter and Travel Apparel

Women's Commuting and Travel Apparel and Gear

Our commuter line is developing nicely for people who bike to commute. We have knickers, shorts, and shirts for women bike commuters. Finding cycling clothes to commute in isn't always easy. It's important to be comfortable, but obviously you want to look stylish as well. It isn't exactly feasible to bring a change of clothes with you everywhere you go. For those of you looking to bike in style, we would recommend the ATD Urban Pedal Pushers Commuter Dress Shirt. This shirt, made in a men's and women's cut, offers a sleek combination of form and function (and UPF!). It's breathable, stretchy material makes you feel like you're almost wearing nothing, when in reality you're wearing a cute button-up that will make all the fashionistas turn their heads. This trendy pattern comes in three different colors. For summer time, we personally like the light blue, but the dark or light grey would look excellent in the fall or winter. This cycling commuter shirt also offers a water proofing coating to keep you dry.