Women's Padded Bike Shorts


Women's Padded Cycling Shorts

Women's padded bike shorts are US made with the best quality materials. These high quality bike shorts will let you ride your bicycle longer. These women cycling shorts are developed for women cyclists who love to ride. Women's bike short are designed specifically for the woman cyclist's needs and cut to perform in the cycling position. At Aero tech Designs we develop our women's bike shorts for a wide range of sizes and uses. The fit for our women's bike shorts range from a tight racing cut to a casual comfortable every ride short. Aero Tech Designs women's bike shorts are optimized for multi-use both on and off road or in your favorite spinning class. The chamois pads used in women's bike shorts come in different densities and thicknesses but are all specifically designed to fit the contours of a women's body. The padded bike shorts are engineered to provide shock absorption, freedom of movement and abrasion control. Women's bike shorts will have a thicker density controlled pad in the center while men's chamois pads have a cutout for perineal relief. Women's Bike Shorts are made from stretch spandex fabrics that offer compression for muscle support and freedom of movement while riding. Bottom line, these short are made for the women who ride bicycles and will not compromise on comfort.