WD-40 Bike Wet Chain Lubricant 4oz




WD-40 BIKE Wet Chain Lube

The newest project from the grease and lubricant giants WD-40 is WD-40 BIKE.

If you've ever had a stuck bolt, a creaking hinge or a handyman in the family, you're familiar with WD-40.

WD-40 Bike Wet Chain Lube is a special blend of lube that formulated specifically for the use on a bicycle and bicycle components.

* Use for Wet Changing Weather or Rainy Summer Days

* Thick viscosity sticks to chain and gear set but won't grab or hold road grit

* A Little Goes a Long Way

The WET LUBE from WD-40 BIKE Wet Chain Lube is intended for use in the nasty weather that can come with the changing of the seasons and the rainy summer days. WET LUBE is thicker than most lubes and will stick to the chain and gear-set without grabbing dirt and road grit that could clog up your shifting and speed up the wear on your drive train. A little goes a long way with this product so make sure to wipe the chain clean after you apply the lube.

Protect and perform in wet weather.

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