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WD-40 BIKE Bicycle Lube and Cleaner

WD-40 is a staple in bike shops and garages across the USA and the world. You've most likely used WD-40 to stop a door hinge from creaking or get a seized bolt loose.

WD-40 is an excellent penetrating lubricant, great at keeping things stiction free but because of its do-it-all nature, everything was lubed and bind free but it would also attract road grit and dirt making the drive train noisy and dirty. Read More Below...
WD-40 Bike Wet Chain Lubricant 4oz
1 Review
WD-40 Bike Heavy Duty Degreaser 10oz
5 Reviews
WD-40 Bike All Purpose Bicycle Wash
2 Reviews
WD-40 Bike Dry Chain Lubricant 4oz
2 Reviews
Enter WD-40 BIKE- The WD-40 formula has been specifically designed, tested and manufactured for bicycle and bicycle component use. Available in lubricants that will cover any condition that Mother Nature throws at you; WET LUBE- For the rainy and mud soaked days of fall and throughout winter. This wet lube will keep your chain shifting and quite. DRY LUBE- For the dusty summer days that keep your water bottle empty and your helmet straps white. The WD-40 dry lube adds the perfect amount of lube to the chain without attracting unwanted dirt and dust particles to clog up your drive chain. The WD-40 lube(s) also have a great scent, something that you don't hear very often associated with drive train cleaning and lubing liquids. A very clean and pleasant aroma that will make you want to add more. And what better way to show your thanks for the great ride then a bike cleaning? Use the WD-40 Heavy Duty Degreaser to remove all the old lube and dirt from the days or weeks rides with little or no work at all. Just apply the degreaser gel to the drive train, agitate, let sit and spray off with a low pressure hose. You can detail the whole bike with some help from WD-40 foaming bike wash. Just spray your bike down with some water, apply the foaming bike wash wait for 3 minutes and spray the foaming bike wash off and picture perfect bike clean, ready to roll. Don't worry about the cleaner killing your grass either, WD-40 BIKE is 100% environmentally friendly and biodegradable.