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Aero Tech Men's Urban Pedal Pushers Commuter Dress Shirt - SPF 50+ Slender Trim Fit

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Men's Urban Pedal Pushers Commuter Shirt - Dress Shirt - Slender Trim Fitplain UV protection fabric

  • Wrinkle Free Dress Shirt - Ideal for travel
  • Lightweight Micro Fiber is soft Wick-Away quick-drying, moisture wicking fabric.
  • 50+ Ultraviolet Sun Protection Factor (UPF) is like wearing a sunscreen which is very easy to wear in heat.
  • Stretch woven fabric stays dry and has mechanical stretch
  • 86% Spun Nylon 14% Spandex
  • Mesh ventilation on the back yoke keep you cool
  • 2 front chest pockets with zipper closure
  • Zippered back pocket
  • Adjustable wrist buttons on sleeves
  • Roll up Sleeves with Button tabs for short sleeve
  • DDR Water Repellant that beads up the rain
  • Machine Wash and Dry

    pedal pusher commuter shirt

adjustable sleeves

Roll up Sleeves with Button tabs for short sleeve

This fabric does an excellent job at the disruption of ultraviolet light. The fabric is woven with advanced nylon micro fibers that have a hydrogen and carbon based benzene ring in the polymer. The fibers are extruded and coated before being spun into yarns.All fabrics will protect from the sun's UV radiation to some extent. The type of fabric that does the best job at blocking harmful sun rays will carry a Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) rating from 15 (good) to 50+(excellent).

50+ Ultraviolet Sun Protection Factor (UPF)

Wetness: The desire to keep out the sun's UV rays is reduced by wetness on the fabric. A wet fabric may cause the sun blocking to be reduced by up to half its effectiveness as dry. Keeping the fabric dry is enhanced by the durable water resistant finish. The DWR finish creates a fabric that is lightweight and hydrophobic. The dense, tight woven microfibers minimize the space between yarns. This reduces the amount of UV light that can pass through which leads to the 50 UPV score.

Durable Water Repellent Finish (DWR)water repellant

This textile fabric has a DWR finish on the individual fibers that make the material hydrophobic which means it stays dry in moist conditions. The extruded microfibers are treated before being spun into yard. The coated fibers are then woven into the plaid fabric. The DWR coating does not reduce or affect the breath-ability of the technical fabric because the woven fibers have a space between them for breath-ability. To test the effectiveness of a DWR finish, you can pour some water onto the garment and see how much water is sticking to the fabric. The quality testing for this finish is superior up to 50 washings. Repeated laundering eventually will diminish the effectiveness of the DWR.

This Commuter shirt has an integrated mesh ventilation at the back yoke to keep you cool and increase air flow and moisture evaporation. This tightly constructed UPF 100 rated garments uses mesh air-vents to increase air circulation and help the wearer stay cool and dry.

mesh vents


Mesh ventilation on the back yoke keep you cool


aero tech designs cycling apparel

Aero Tech Designs Jersey - Size Chart

**This item is a slim/slender fit, please take this into consideration when ordering**

  Size Chest (inches)  
Small 34-36
Medium 36-38
Large 38-40
X-Large 40-42
XX-Large 42-44
3XL 44-46

Fabric:  50+ Ultraviolet Sun Protection Factor (UPF) - Stretch Woven 86% Spun Nylon/14% Spandex Microfiber with mechanical stretch

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