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Aero Tech Rush Cycling Caps - Trees - Proudly Made in USA

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Aero Tech Rush Cycling Cap - Trees - Brown / Gray

There’s nothing like those backcountry trails that give your cycling experience some natural grit. The smell of pine and mountain air makes you feel closer to Mother Nature as you tour through the forests, fields, and across the streams. This rush cycling cap will help you celebrate your love for those country roads.

The cycling cap is made with 100% performance-enhanced polyester that wicks away sweat and moisture to keep you dry and cool. The built-in sweat band helps you ride longer and feel stronger as you take on the trails. The elastic back stretches to keep this cycling cap on your head with a snug fit as you dodge tree branches. The plastic brim is bendable for easy storage and offers shade from the sun. Great to wear alone or under your helmet!

This simple print is a collection of gray trees that make up a forest on all panels of the cycling cap. On the side panels is a bike resting next to a camping tent, a small token for those that consider the outdoors their second home. The top and bottom of the brim are a solid gray, matching the trees.

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Aero Tech Rush Cycling Caps

Trees Cycling Cap

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Aero Tech Rush Cycling Caps - Trees - Cycling cap with plastic brim; made with high performance wicking polyester to keep your head dry.

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100% WickAway Polyester