Aero Tech Men's TALL Extra Long Coolmax Elite T-Shirt

Aero Tech Designs

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Fit: Tall


Men's TALL Coolmax Designer T-Shirt - Made in USA

Designer Cycling Tee has supremely soft coolmax fabric with rich, soft texture. Very modern looking with tailored design lines. Fits like a dream.


elite coolmax tshirt


* Coolmax Polyester Fabric wicks perspiration
* Super soft fabric feels like cotton yet performs
* Elite Design lines for fitness and comfort
* Raglan Sleeves for create fit look for athletics
* T-shirt is longer in the back ideal for cycling and bending
* Breathable material is a mechanical micro mesh knit
* Lightweight and airy feels fantastic
* Soon to be your favorite workout tee
* Fabric is All American
* Made in USA

 Fabric Details:

coolmax polyester

CoolMax - made by Invista, is a tetra - channel polyester, which pulls, or "wicks", moisture away from your skin to the outer layer of the fabric. Because of the larger surface area of the tetra - channel fiber, moisture evaporates quickly. So, you stay dry and comfortable. CoolMax fabric is also highly breathable and easy to care for. It is used in a variety of apparel, sports accessories and medical wraps.

coolmax tetra channel fiber


coolmaxClose-up of four-channel fiber used in CoolMax fabric. Channels speed moisture to outer surface of the fabric.



Size Chart:

Aero Tech Designs Jersey - Size Chart
  Size Chest (inches)  
Medium 36-38
Large 38-40
X-Large 42-44
XX-Large 46-48
3XL 52-54
4XL 56-58