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Aero Tech Triumph Ruby Mirror Wrap Cycling Sunglasses

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Aero Tech Smoke Colored Polycarbonate lens with Ruby Mirror Finish and Ultraviolet Protection

These Wrap sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun's unltraviolet rays which can be damaging to your eyes. They also protect from road dirt and dust. These glasses are better at glare reduction than standard grey lenses that don't have the Iridium coating. This eyewear is very reflective due to the smooth polish and the Iridium coating that is very reflective. This style features Polycarbonate (PC) lenses which are lightweight and have a scratch resistant hardened surface. They reduce glare and block ultraviolet rays.

Ruby is the color for these mirrored lenses which reduce glare while retaining contrast, perfect for cycling, driving, and outdoor activity. The mirror lens give off different hues and colors depending the angle the glasses catch the light. The colors fo from orange to yellow to red. The ruby mirror finish is also a great at eye blocking if you don't want people to see your eyes.

Color distortion- for a small number of people who are colorblind, these lenses may distort the color red. Those who are color blind will find that the red goes away. If you don't have any colorblind issues, you should be fine with these lenses.

  • 100% UV / UVB protection
  • Invisible Eyes Mirror Surface
  • Ruby Iridium Mirror Lens Coating
  • Black Frames

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