Tarma Road Bike Pendant - Bicycle necklace

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Tarma Road Bike Pendant - Bicycle necklace
Lightweight and easy to wear everyday. The pendant is 316L recycled stainless steel (min 60% post consumer content). The 3mm RePly cord comes from recycled PET bottles made in the same mill that produces Patagonia's recycled fleece program. Wear it in the shower or whatever. No need to take it off. Just rub some shampoo into the cord every now and then to clean it. Won't get stinky like leather. The sand blasted finish? It's the same bead blast found on Sky's Moots -- gives a very nice matte sheen without looking too shiny. Features:
- 316L Stainless steel
- 22 inch slate cord with 3mm toggle
- Sand blasted finish
- 3mm pendant