Aero Tech Men's Supplex 3M Reflective PADDED Cycling Tights w Elite Chamois Pad

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Men's Shattered Glass Super Reflective Cycling Tights

Ride Longer.  Feel Stronger.

made in USA Brilliantly Reflective

Excellent Fit Tights

Performance Fabric

You Won't Believe it's Not Cotton.

* 3M Scotchlite Reflective on each leg.

* Elite Racing Chamois Pad

* Fabric is brushed, soft and feels like cotton

* 84% Supplex Nylon/ 16% Lycra

* Luxurious knit material is 4 way stretch

* Drawstring with high waist for full coverage

* Supportive 1 1/4" waist elastic

* Very strong, excellent abrasion resistant Supplex with nylon fiber.

* Multi panel follows the body's natural curves

* Refective works by returning light rays back to the original source


Durable, Lasting, Comfortable Fabric

* Supplex offers the feel of cotton with advanced fiber technologies.

* Innovative fabric is soft and warm and durable

* Safety Reflective Men's Tights have Excellent Visibility

* It is quick drying much faster than cotton and holds its color longer than cotton too

* Breathable and warm with a soft warm hand and holds its shape while wet

* Has the appeal and feel of cotton yet made with modern fiber technology that wicks perspiration to the surface for evaporation

* Garment is all American fabric and manufacturing.

SIZES Men's Reflective Cycling Tights, Safety, Visibility Tights

SMALL: Waist (inches) 28-30, Regular Inseam 30-32; MEDIUM: Waist (inches) 32-34, Regular Inseam 32-34;

LARGE: Waist (inches) 36-38, Regular Inseam 32-34; XL: Waist (inches) 40-42, Regular Inseam 32-34;

2XL: Waist (inches) 42-44, Regular Inseam 32-34; 3XL: Waist (inches) 46-48, Regular Inseam 32-34;

4XL: Waist (inches) 50-52, Regular Inseam 32-34; 5XL: Waist (inches) 54+, Regular Inseam 32-34;

Reflective Safety Cycling Tights are Amazingly Comfortable

Supplex is an engineered micro nylon fiber that is nano-engineered to simulate the softness of cotton while maintaining the strength and durability of nylon fabric. This fabric is soft yet strong enough to resist abrasion.   

The Lycra holds its shape and hugs the body curves for an excellent fit with complete freedom of movement. It has excellent UV protection and supports rapid passage of perspiration to the outer fabric.

INVISTA's SUPPLEX fabric offers consumers the feel of cotton with the benefits of advanced fiber technology. Cotton's natural texture and aesthetics make it the fabric of choice in many garment categories. 84% Supplex Nylon/16% Lycra

Works by returning light rays back to the original source.

Glass bead prisms encased in a mirror film is an advanced technology that utilizes millions of high performance, polished glass beads that are all lined up in a uniform pattern so each prism reflects light very effectively in all directions of the glass bead due to their spherical nature. The glass beads provide 100% surface reflection, making it the most efficient way of reflecting light back in the direction it originates.

Light - Directed Back to Source - Not scattered  - 3M Scotchlite Reflective material uses a technology known as retroreflection.  In low-lignt conditions, this technology reflects light when a subject is illuminated by a light source such as vehicle headlights.  Scotchlite reflective material works by returning light rays back to the original source, a result of the retroreflective properties of thousands of microscopic glass beads (prisms) that are incorporated into the material. Scotchlite Reflective Material incorporates retro reflective microscopic prisms formed on a polymeric film to create a bright reflective appearance on garments and accessories. These prisms reflect light very effectively back to the source of the light.

Brighter Reflectivity - Imagine a person near a public road in low light conditions.  In a garment containing Scotchlite Reflective Material, a large amount of the light is reflected and returned directly back to the driver at the light source.  This increases the visibility.  3M reflective sends back the light rather than scattering it like budget or generic reflective materials.  Generic reflectives scatter the light in all directions making it much less luminous in the dark.

men's elite gel padAero Tech Designs Elite Bibshorts

Elite Chamois Padding

Supreme cycling comfort with a multi-layer combination of technically advanced fabrics, foams and air mesh create a zero friction environment for cycling.  Absorb Shock, Prevent Chafe.

The Aeroelite Chamois Pad has a soft brushed fleece surface from a Carbon Yarn that creates an even distribution of heat for a cooling effect when worn.  The material has a natural antibacterial finish to prevent growth of bacterial which prevents saddle sores. Comfort, Visibility and Durable Warmth for the long or short distance.

chamois fabric has carbon structure  air gel chamois pad

Aeroelite Chamois Pad Details

Foams: Multi Density and High Protection - Engineered layers

Thickness: 15 mm total thickness on sit bones
3 Dimensional, 10 mm High Impact Foam, 6 mm Air Mesh, 4 mm Open Cell

Category: Long Distance Cycling, Road or Mountain Biking Size: 13 3/4 inches by 8 3/4 or 35.5 cm x 21 cm

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84% Supplex Nylon 16% Lycra Spandex