Race Across America (RAAM) 2015 Training and Su

Race Across America 2015 Training and Survival Tips from Jason Burgess. Meet Jason Burgess. Jason is prepping for one of the toughest bicycle races in America. The race is called Race Across America or RAAM. This race takes elite cyclist across the country as fast as possible. The trek usually takes the racers 8-10 days to complete. They spend between 20 and 23 hours on the bike a day. In the hour or two off the bike a day, they must complete everything need to keep them going for the next days; eating, sleeping, bathroom breaks, etc.

Jason is riding for RedRover. RedRover is a nonprofit that helps animals and owners in time of crisis. They need your support. Check out Jason's amazing story about how RedRover helped him and his family in a time of need. Jason's Biography Jason Burgess, 38, lives in Blue Bell, PA with his wife and two children. A native of New Jersey, he has been active in athletics throughout his life. He has competed as a nationally ranked swimmer, played ice hockey, and participated in a variety of endurance races, including several Tough Mudders, Goals Adventure Races, and triathlons. As his next challenge, Jason has selected Race Across America, in which he will team up with his support crew to tackle the biggest physical challenge he has faced to date. Jason is an active environmentalist, conservationist, and public servant. He has organized clean ups for Philadelphia-area waterways. As a volunteer at the New Jersey Academy for the Aquatic Sciences, he helped care for marine life as well as educate the public on conservation. As a federal agent for the Environmental Protection Agency, he has dedicated his career to making the world safer for people and wildlife. Jason is a member of the National Emergency Response Team and trains as a first responder. At home, Jason is a busy husband and father. He and his son recently earned their black belts in tae kwon do. He has coached his son's soccer team and is currently teaching his daughter to ice skate. For more about Jason and Team Ride4RedRover visit www.jasonfburgess.com

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