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Baggy Bike Shorts

Plus Size Woman's Baggie Shorts

Aero Tech Designs loves the baggie short. It's great for riding around town or hitting your favorite piece of single track. So we make sure that this ultra versatile short is available in all sizes and that have have the same perfect fit as all our other Aero Tech Designs gear.

We offer diffrent styles for diffrent riding types and for your personal taste. The Womans padded baggie mountain bike shorts are loose fitting and breezy. If your looking for freedom of movement with abrasion resistance for serous mountian bike this is your short. This is two shorts in one with an outer nylon shell and a stretch bike short inside for all the comfort and style.

We also carry cycling Skorts; they offers skirt styling with the support and comfort of cycling shorts. Cycling Skorts are awesome for commuting or just looking good cruising around town. So now you can ride your bike for date night, movie night or what have you and still look business casual.

For the hard core commuter and people who can not be seperated from thier bike we have The Urban Pedal Push Knicker. No pad on these shorts but totally breathable with a DWR finish to make them perfect for any adventure; hiking, fishing, cycling and hanging out.

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Aero Tech Women's Baggy Padded Mountain Bike Shorts Loose Fitting
Regular price: $59.99
Sale price: $49.95
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