Gator Neoprene Warm Tip Toe Warmers Covers and Insulates

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Gator Tip Toe Warmers - Neoprene Insulates and keeps toes warmneoprene-tiptoes-madeintheusa-features-1.jpg

Thin toe warmer insulation fits easily inside shoes and under socks

For warm cozy toes - the Gator Neoprene Tip Toe Warmers.  Can be used around the house on cool mornings, or in a work shoe when the temperature drops. They are also popular among those who suffer from Raynaud's phenomenon or otherwise have poor circulation.


  • Lets you enjoy warm cozy toes in wet/cold conditions
  • Washable
  • One size fits all
  • A thinner 1.5mm neoprene with four-way stretch.
  • Dimensions: 4 x 4 x .3 inches
  • Easy on and off
  • Made in USA

Super Stretch Neoprene

A synthetic rubber, often used for waterproof or weather-resistant clothing such as wetsuits. Our neoprene has a closed cell construction, meaning it is filled with closed air bubbles. These serve as insulators, just as Styrofoam does. Because the cells are closed, the neoprene itself is waterproof. The Gator Tip Toe Warmer is 1.5 mm thick, with nylon laminated to each side.

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neoprene-tiptoes-madeintheusa-insideshoe.jpg   neoprene-tiptoes-madeintheusa-features-2.jpg  neoprene-tiptoes-madeintheusa-navy-front.jpg
 neoprene-tiptoes-madeintheusa-navy-side.jpg neoprene-tiptoes-madeintheusa-insidewarmer.jpg  neoprene-tiptoes-madeintheusa-navy-offfront.jpg 


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Fabric: 100% 1.5mm neoprene with four-way stretch

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