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Aero Tech Men's Summer Shadow PADDED Cycle Shorts Made in USA

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Gender: Mens
Chamois: Top Shelf


Aero Tech Designs Bike Clothing Men's Summer Shadow Cycle Shorts

Ride Longer.  Feel Stronger.

3M Scotchlite Reflective Material

Highly Reflective Retro-Reflection from 3M Scotchlite

Enhance your summer shadow with 3M Reflectivity. This high end reflective material uses scientifically engineered and coated glass beads that take light from the source and reflect it back at the same level and direction that it came from. This is important for motorists who are driving because the light will be reflected back to them at the same level rather than be scattered when it bounces back. In other words, 3M reflective material does not create light but rather borrows the light waves and reflects it back. The luminosity, or power, of the bounce back is brighter with the 3M material because its glass beads are all lined up precisely in a grid to catch all angles of light and reflect them back at the same angle. There is very little dispersion or "scattering" of the reflective light waves.




Feel more joy and comfort when you ride with a pair of padded bicycle shorts.  Long periods on the saddle are relieved with this Summer Shadow cycle short.  It has the most updated chamois pad technology to provide breathability and coolness combined with a dense supportive ischial bone pad. The leg bands are lightweight and feel invisible yet function as needed to keep the shorts in place without movement during cycling action, primarily your pedal stroke. The waistline features a wider one inch non roll band. The chamois pad is our Top Shelf chamois that is sewn precisely where needed for shock absorption and prevention of chafing. Like all of our apparel, these bike shorts are unconditionally guaranteed.

The fabric's 23% Spandex gives up unlimited compressive support which holds the stomach and legs to reduce vibration and movement while riding.  The compression in these bike shorts work to reduce lactic acid buildup by helping to increase the oxygen going to the muscles. The principle goal behind good compression is muscle support.  During exercise, small micro tears occur in your muscle tissue and the repair process is what makes us stronger with exertion.  With good compression, the blood that flows to the muscles is increased.  Fresh blood circulation helps to reduce the buildup of lactic acid, while keeping muscles fueled with oxygen to produce energy for your workouts. 

The fabric was developed specially for the rigors of the cycling motion to offer up compressive support during exercise and to reduce vibration and enhance blood flow.  It is 77% Nylon/23% Spandex which provides different levels of compression to wrap and support active muscles.  The compression helps to increase blood flow to your muscles to supply fresh oxygen and nutrients. 

men's top shelf chamois padchamois is 10MM thickThe chamois pad is engineered across the ischial bones so that you can ride a long distance.  The Top Shelf long distance chamois pad is 10 MM thick in saddle sit bones area. The best fitting chamois on earth - there is no other pad that will fit into your crotch curves better than this highly designed and engineered chamois pad. 

The bike short has a MLP (multi-level-pad) that is 3D engineered for effective support of the key sit bones.  The keenly designed shape eliminates chafing and smooths out the crotch area for maximum comfort on long bicycle rides.  We recommend you grease up the pad with an anti-chafe cream when riding more than 25 miles. 

See our anti-chafe cream selection for lots of choices. 


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Men's Shadow Short - Size Chart
Size Waist (inches) Inseam (inches)
Small 28-30 8 1/4
Medium 32-34 8 1/4
Large 36-38 8 1/4
X-Large 38-40 8 3/8
XX-Large 42-44 8 1/2
77% Nylon 23% Spandex

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