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Aero Tech Men's Cycling Apparel - Shorts, Jerseys

We are Aero Tech Designs, and we will make you more comfortable on your bike. Our cycling apparel is made in the USA at our location, right outside Pittsburgh, PA. We make our clothing in real sizes for real people. We are here to make your bike riding experience more pleasurable. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We can be reached by phone at 412-262-3255 or email at cyclewear@aerotechdesigns.com. We're also available if you have questions about your bike or anything else bike related. For tech questions email tech-help@aerotechdesigns.com. Have fun out there. We'll see you on the road!

Bike Shorts

The proper bike short will keep you in the saddle longer. We have found that the "proper" short differs between riders, and that main difference lies in the chamois pad. If you look at all the different shorts we offer, you'll see a range of thickness in the pads and different materials that the pads are made out of. Give us a call if you have any questions. We will be more than happy to talk to you to get the right short for you.

Men's Cycling Shorts

Elite Short $79.95

Century ShortCentury Short $69.95

Shadow ShortShadow Short $59.95

Gel Touring $79.99

Black P. Bike ShortBlack P. $44.95

Top Shelf Bike ShortTop Shelf $49.99


Cycling jerseys are made from high quality polyester fibers. Polyester is a synthetic material that is very strong and flexible. It is a fast drying material. Unlike cotton, polyester will not absorb your sweat. This will let you be more comfortable while you ride. Other key features of a cycling jersey, and why they are a sound investment are: zipper in the front to help regulate body temps, 3 back pockets to help with storage (since your shorts don't have pockets), reflective elements to make you more visible. Our solid color jerseys are a great value.

Elite JerseyElite Jersey $59.99

Shadow Jersey $39.95

Club Jersey $39.99

Men's Cycling Jerseys

Solid Color $25.99

Pop Art $49.99

Biker Dudes $49.95


Bibs are a great alternative to regular bike shorts. A lot of people who make the switch end of staying with bib shorts. We have three levels of bibs. All are available in different color and price point. Our newest release, the Elite Bib, has received great reviews from a lot of customers so far. This bib short features an amazing chamois pad that uses gel fibers to maximize comfort and breath-ability. If you're not sure about bibs just yet, check out some of our bibs and read the reviews. There is a lot of helpful info there.

Men's Cycling Bib Shorts

Elite Bibs $129.95

Shadow Bibs $89.99

Top Shelf Bibs $59.99

MTB Apparel

Men's Mountain Bike Shorts

Outlaw Bullet $69.99

Cargo $59.95

MTB $49.95

Commuter Apparel

Men's Commuter Cycling Clothes

Commuter Shirt $49.99

Commuter Knickers $39.95

Commuter Shorts $34.99

Bike Accessories

Cycling Accessories

Cycling Socks $6.00

Cycling Gloves $29.95

Cycling Sunglasses $39.99