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Aero Tech Men's Compression Tights

Aero Tech Men's Compression Tights

Men's Compression tights - Enhance Blood Flow to your legs

Get your groove on with a pair of Men's Compression tights.  These full length pants are proven to enhance your performance in workouts through muscle Containment for reduced vibration and oscillation of the muscles.  This reduces fatigue and muscle damage,  There is ongoing research with elite athletes to prove the power of spandex compression. The fabric in Aero Tech's compression tights features a highly elastic polyester yarn that is combined with elasto-metric yarns. This makes a fabric that stretches in all ways for power and pressure. The regulation of the pressure enhances circulation in the legs which helps to oxygenate the blood in the leg muscles. The Men's Compression tights will support the gluts, abductors, your IT band, quad, hamstring and calf muscles.  This overall compression reduces muscle soreness and stiffness. 

The massage effect from the spandex and compression helps to remove the build up of lactic acid. Muscles stay stronger and last longer with the support from our compression tights. Aero Tech Designs compression tights have great muscle support.  An added bonus is the feature of UPV 50+ and soft wicking polyester / spandex materials.  The tights are loaded with features to enhance your leg muscle. Get the power and support you need with a moisture wicking fabric that protects from the sun and improves blood circulation.