Louis Garneau Women's Biogel RX-V Cycling Gloves

Louis Garneau

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Louis Garneau Men's Biogel RX-V Cycling Gloves

A Well Padded, Absorbing, Efficiently Ventillated Bicycling Glove for Men.

Want Comfort and Support for Your Hands While Riding? Thanks to a perforated palm with Biogel padding, X-shaped ventilation with patented Ergo Air concept and a Power Mesh stretchable upper hand, the Biogel RX-V gloves offer a well-padded cycling glove that will efficiently absorb vibrations and reduce pressure on your hands, with the comfort and breathability you need to keep them on throughout all your rides. Biogel padding is more breathable, reduces pressure on the ulnar and median nerves, absorbs vibrations and reduces hand fatigue, plus provides better flexion while you grip and gear. X-Vent ventilation on the palm with patented Ergo Air concept: Evacuates palm moisture and contributes to stabilize hand temperature.

Louis Garneau Women's Biogel RX-V Cycling Gloves Features:

* Perforated Palm makes these bike gloves more breathable
* Microfiber thumb for moisture absorption
* Biogel pad reduces pressure on nerves
* Biogel absorbs road vibration
* Reduces hand fatigue
* Adjustable ergonomic cuff: Custom fit without pressure
* X-Vent with Ergo Air concept stabilizes hand temperature

Women's Bike Gloves with BioGel Padding! Absorbs Vibrations and Cool Ventillation.


Protect and Support Your Hands with Biogel Cycling Gloves for Women from Louis Garneau.

Available in Black or Purple.

Glove Size Chart
Palm Circumference (inches) (Small 6-7) (Medium 7-8) (Large 8-9)


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Glove Size Chart
Palm Circumference (inches) (Small 6-7) (Medium 7-8) (Large 8-9)
Upper hand: Power mesh - Spandex Palm: Amara