Training Apparel and Gear for Jason Burgess in

Training Apparel and Gear for Jason Burgess in RAAM 2015

Jason's Gear for RAAM 2015

Finding good quality, well-fitting clothes is a top priority to figure out before setting off to tackle RAAM. Jason will be on the bike for 20 hours a day; problems can arise. Saddle sores, fatigued muscles, and chaffing can cause enough problems and discomfort to cripple an attempt at this grueling race. Aero Tech Designs is committed to making sure this is not going to be a problem for Jason. We are testing and developing an ultra-distance chamois, and we are using Jason's feedback to perfect the design. We are looking at every angle and layer of the chamois. The chamois is still undergoing changes and tests, but it will be a combination of different foams with a layer of Air Gel like in our Elite Short. Our friends at Dr. Pad are working closely with us on this design. The short will be based off of the Elite Short. The Elite Short is made up of two different fabrics. The inside fabric is 77% nylon and 23% spandex. This high nylon content was chosen because of its durability. The spandex content allows for stretch and compression. The outside fabric uses 83% polyester and 17% Lyrca. This fabric is all about compression and comfort. Topped with 3M reflective for added visibility and a one inch Power Band leg gripper, Jason will be able to put the miles down comfortably and safely. Another noteworthy point; we will be supplying Jason with 12 ATD Custom kits. He will go through six kit changes a day. This will leave an extra six for the next day ride while the used kit is taken to a laundry mat along the way to be washed and prepped for the next day. The logistics for the crew to help Jason out will be a task in itself. All garments will be custom designed, printed, and sewn in-house. For training, we have supplied Jason with many shorts to try out. Its been a combo of figuring out what will work best for him and testing out some new designs for us. Here are some of the clothing that he trains in:

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