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Aero Tech Hide-A-Rider Padded Bike Short

The Hide-a-rider cycling shorts are designed for cycling comfort. They have all the features that you need when you ride your bicycle.  The garment is stitched with a flatlock machine so it is smooth and stretchy giving you complete freedom for your muscles to move without any restriction or binding.  Saddle area is 84% Nylon and 16% spandex, Side Panels are 80% polyester 20% Spandex

There are two key fabrics in this high-end cycle shorts.  The crotch area is 84% Nylon and 16% spandex, a blend that has a highly abrasion resistant surface which is needed between the legs while cycling.  The sides of color are designed and hand printed in our shop by talented artists.  The fabric on the side panels is 88% polyester and 12% Spandex.  This fabric is very opaque and presents the color print with excellent brilliance.  The waist is a brilliant design that keeps the shorts in place without elastic across the stomach. The legs have spandex bands that keep the shorts in place.  The shorts do not ride up with the comfortable leg bands. 

Hide-a-Rider Bike Short Hide-a-Rider Bike Short Back

Hide-a-rider is a brilliant designer print inspired by the birds at the Pittsburgh Aviary on the north side of the city.  The birds present a colorful display of joy - which is like cycling - joyful.  You can enjoy the color and high visibility within this sublimated print. The print has bicycle riders hidden within the color-works.  

Designed by our highly talented Design Director, Evan Moran in a moment of inspiration while out with his family.  Enjoy the print!

Hide-a-Rider_Shorts Comfort Story

Top Shelf Chamois Pad

Top Shelf pad is an anatomically designed pad for the bike riding position. The Multi-Level Pad M.L.P uses multi-level production technology and Multiple Layered Foams to improve comfort by relieving the pressure points between the body and the bicycle saddle.

What makes this pad special? It is the fantastic fit that comes from a highly engineered design that fits all the curves that we have between the legs and around the body's pelvic area. The side wings on this pad offer up excellent fit around your legs and torso. This excellent fit is not available with one piece pads.

The M.L.P (Multi-Level Pad) uses multi-level production technology to improve comfort by relieving the pressure points between the body and the bicycle saddle. The new pad system incorporates the long established Hygienic fabric.

Chamois has a Layered, Puzzle Construction

The new pad system incorporates the log established Hygienic fabric. The a new generation of cycling seat pads made of polyester microfibers.The chamois pad is engineered across the ischial bones so that you can ride a long distance. The Top Shelf long distance chamois pad is 10 MM thick in saddle sit bones area. The best fitting chamois on earth - there is no other pad that will fit into your crotch curves better than this highly designed and engineered chamois pad. The bike short has a MLP (multi-level-pad) that is 3D engineered for effective support of the key sit bones. The keenly designed shape eliminates chafing and smooths out the crotch area for maximum comfort on long bicycle rides. We recommend you grease up the pad with an anti-chafe cream when riding long distances.

womens padded short

Aero Tech Women's - Size Chart
Size Women's Size Waist (Estimate inches) Leg Inseam (inches) Hip (inches)
X-Small 2-4 22-24 6.75 33 - 35
Small 6-8 24-26 7.5 35.5 - 37
Medium 8-10 27-29 7.75 37.5 - 40
Large 12-14 30-32 8 40.5 - 43
X-Large 16-18 33-37 8.25 43.5 - 47
XX-Large 20-22 38-40 8.5 47.5 - 51
3XL 24-26 41-46 8.5 51.5 - 55
4XL 28+ 41-46 8.5 55.5 - 60

Size Chart is an estimate for fit, however to choose a size your personal preferences for fit may require you to choose a larger or smaller size. If you understand and want compression, order your size or one smaller, if you don't want it to fit snug, order a size larger. Use a tape measure and your fit preferences to choose a size. Garments are super stretchy.

Hide-A-Rider Bicycle Jersey

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