What's In Your Gym Bag?

Here are 7 easy tips to remember to bring to the gym in your gym bag. These easy tips will make your life easier, and less stressful which in result will let you have a better workout. With a busy schedule packed full of family and work responsibilities, just getting to the gym can seem like a workout. Use this checklist to organize your gym bag, and take the hassle out of the workout. 1. Develop a Routine: Packing your gym bag should become part of your daily routine. When you pick out your clothes for the following day, take a moment to grab your workout gear too! If pack your gym bag before you go to bed, you have to worry about it in the morning. 2. The Essentials: Be sure to include the basics: shorts or pants, a comfortable top (synthetics are best, as cotton absorbs the sweat), socks, undergarments, and athletic shoes. 3. Toiletries: Consider purchasing a travel bag to organize your personal hygiene products in your gym bag. Travel size shampoo, body wash, face wash, deodorant and other toiletries should all be present in your gym bag. Add a towel, shower sandals, and a change of clothes and you are can hit the showers before the ride home. 4. Water Bottle: This item could easily be number one. Hydrating while working out is essential to your health and performance. Consider purchasing a BPA free plastic or stainless steel water bottle to cut down on the number of plastic bottles that get tossed into the trash each day. 5. Workout Journal: You should be keeping track of your workouts as you advance towards your fitness and health goals. Record the exercise you perform, the sets, reps, and weights used so you can evaluate your progress and change your workouts up to avoid reaching a plateau. 6. Mp3 Player: Studies have shown that listening to upbeat music can boost your performance when exercising. If you need a little motivation or are just looking to zone, a playlist of your favorite songs is just what the trainer ordered. 6a. Headphones: If you do not have an Mp3 player or prefer not to download music, come ready with your headphones. Nowadays, most gyms feature cardiovascular equipment with televisions and audio input. You can plug your headphones in and watch your favorite show while you workout. 7. Healthy Snack (or two): DonÂ’t let low energy levels keep you from getting a workout in. Stocking your gym bag with healthy snacks like fruit or trail mix can provide you with the nourishment you need before or after a workout. By: Joe Vennare , Aero Tech Designs Sponsored Triathlete

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