Women's Capris and Knickers

Women's Padded Cycling Capri and Knickers

Women's Capri and Knickers - High Quality Padded and Unpadded Workout Capris

Find great prices on women's knickers and capris at Aero Tech Designs. Female Cycling knickers are perfectly designed to fit women. Fitness knickers are available in padded and non padded versions. Crafted for performance while working out. The garments stay in place and do not droop or move when working out. Aero Tech Designs uses high-tech, light-weight fabrics to achieve the perfect balance; comfort and coverage for the knees. Female knickers are at home in the yoga studio, cross fit class or gym as they would be on the bicycle saddle. Aero Tech Designs uses moisture wicking fabric that not only keeps you warm and cozy but also dissipates the sweat you create before it makes you cold.