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Debra Stefan Fitness Camp and Weight loss Blog

Debra Stefan Fitness Camp and Weight loss Blog

Plus Size Cycling Apparel - Ideal for muscle support to reduce vibration and movement
Compression reduces fatigue!

The plus size lady on the left is wearing our Colossal Cycling Jersey and a pair of our compression shorts. She is a client of Debra Stefan, a fitness coach and expert in weight loss. Debra runs a weight loss retreat for clients who are committed to a more fit lifestyle. With 41 years in the fitness industry, Debra has learned what works and doesn't work when it comes to weight loss. Debra is a Certified Personal Trainer and a long time fitness expert with 40 years in the business. She has helped may people get into shape and loose the weight. Live-in Boot Camp for Weight Loss and Fitness in Las Vegas, Nevada offering personal training for live-in guests in a private residential retreat. She also has a successful blog that you can read to learn more about how to successfully lose weight, pick up some exercising tips, and find out more about products that may aid you in your workouts.