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Bicycle Lights

No need to be afraid of night bike rides in the dark. Wherever you ride, itís important to see where youíre going and for others to see you as well. With bicycle lights, you can avoid any collisions with fellow cyclists and others along the road or trail. Our bicycle lights will guide you on the road and keep you safe in low light conditions. Be Safe! Be Seen! Read More Below...
Cateye Volt 500XC Headlight
Cateye 3 LED Bicycle Headlight HL-EL135N Black
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Cateye Rapid 3 Bicycle Tail Light
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FIKS Reflective 3M Scotchlite Hexalate Bicycle Stickers
FIKS Reflective 3M Scotchite Wheel Stripes
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SpokeLit LED Wheel Light - Disc-O-Select by Nite Ize
See'Em Mini LED Spoke Lights (2pk) by Nite Ize
TwistLit LED Red Bike Light by Nite Ize
BikeLit LED Bike Light Combo Pack - Red and White - by Nite Ize
LED Run Vest with Reflective by Nite Ize

Let your light shine!

It's the law in most states to have one front and one rear bicycle light on your bike. Please use the following features as guidelines to purchasing bicycle lights, ones that will provide you with the most protection for your cycling needs.


Front and Rear Bicycle Lights

Effective front lights are a must-have to see the path ahead. Objects can take you by surprise at night, so a front bicycle light that casts a wide spread of light is important.

Rear bicycle lights are necessary so that a cyclist can be seen from behind. They are extremely useful for cycling groups, enabling riders to see and follow the rider in front. They should be seen from at least 600 feet away.

High-quality, helmet lights can be helpful too. These allow the rider to shine light where it is needed simply by a turn of the head. But they are not a substitute for front bicycle lights; they are for only adding visibility.


Your bicycle lights should have a simple mounting system that make them easily to assemble and transferable from one bike to another. Most are mounted with a combination of plastic clips, brackets, or hand screws. Your rear safety light should be mounted onto your seat post. You can add additional rear lighting by clipping more into back pockets or backpacks.

Brightness of Bicycle Light


Lumen ratings are a measurement of how well the light illuminates a subject at a certain distance. Different lights can offer different ratings, but don't assume that the more lumens equals the brighter the light. The lens and bulb housing design also affect bicycle light brightness. Some bicycle lights provide a focused narrow beam, which illuminates a smaller area at greater distance. Others provide a wider beam, which improves your peripheral vision.

Battery Life

Some bicycle lights offer multiple lighting modes, such as high intensity, low intensity, and blinking strobe. In these cases, the light should list a different max battery life for each setting. The lower the light intensity, the longer the battery will last. Some lights feature a charge indicator that lets you know exactly how much life is left. If the bicycle light uses standard batteries, stash extras in your seat bag.

Road Cycling vs. Mountain Biking

While lighting your way will always be necessary when biking at night, there are a few differences when it comes to road cycling and mountain biking. In the city, the focus is to see and be seen. On the trails, thereís less ambient light and no threat of cars, so it's more important focus on your own visibility. If you plan to do some mountain biking at night, get a bicycle light that offers an extremely long battery life so you don't get stranded, and one that is rugged enough to handle any bumps or falls.

There's no reason to let a little darkness stop you from enjoying your commute or a ride in the woods on your bike. Just be sure to include a good bicycle lighting system part of your cycling gear that will keep you, and those around you, safe. We recommend you keep your bicycle lights clean and check that they are fully charged before heading out on a ride.