Men's Unpadded Compression Shorts

Men's Compression Shorts are ideal for freedom of movement and support. The fabrics are soft, durable, and stretchy with spandex for a second-skin fit. We like to call these skin shorts because they are so comfortable that they feel like a second skin when you work out. While most of our shorts are high-end for cycling, we have taken what we learned from our professional cycling athletes and made this garment for multiple sports. Men's compression shorts do not have cycling chamois pads. The men's compression shorts on this page are all unpadded and make an excellent recovery short or active compression running short. These compression shorts also come in handy for other activities like soccer, hiking, hockey, kayaking, and other muscle jolting outdoor ventures. These men's compression shorts are ideal for exercising and all active workouts. The stretch spandex fabric hugs the muscles to support and reduce muscle fatigue. The compression holds your muscles in place, reducing vibration and thus reducing fatigue. They also fight fatigue by increasing fresh blood flow to feed your muscles during your fitness activity. The spandex creates a massaging motion that squeezes the blood to increase flow in and out of the working muscles. This increased blood flow from the spandex reduces lactic acid that buildups when you stop or take a long break. Keeping your muscles compressed minimizes the pain associated with lactic acid buildup. We recommend you keep your compression clothes on for an hour or so after your workout to help massage your muscles with greater blood flow that heals muscles after workouts. Easy to care for, yet soft and rugged. These shorts are soon to be your favorites! Also, see our women's compression shorts or our Big Man's Compression Shorts