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Aero Tech Big Man's Compression Shorts

Aero Tech Big Man's Compression Shorts

Big Mans Compression Shorts

These Big Man's compression shorts are ideal for exercising and any workout where the muscles are being jolted; running, hockey, mountain biking and so on. The stretch spandex fabric hugs and supports the muscles damage and reducing muscle fatigue. The compression holds your muscles in place, reducing vibration and thus reducing fatigue. They also fight fatigue by increasing fresh blood flow to feed your muscles during your fitness activity. When you put the shorts on you'll notice a cooling effect almost instantly. The spandex creates a stretching massaging motion that squeezes out the blood to increase flow in and out of the working muscles. This increased blood flow from the spandex massage, reduces the buildup of lactic acid when you stop or take a long break. Keeping your muscles compressed reduces the pain associated with lactic acid buildup. We recommend you keep your compression clothes on for an hour or so after your workout to help massage your muscles with greater blood flow that heals muscles after workouts. Make sure you rest as hard as you train; wear your compression.

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