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ATD Power Tread Padded Bike Shorts Put the Pedal to the Pavement in Style

Power Tread Bike Short FrontPower Tread Shorts BackPower Tread Ride In StyleBurn rubber and kick asphalt while wearing these Power Tread bike shorts!

These shorts offer complete freedom of movement, thanks to our performance-enhanced materials. The fabric stretches to move with your body through the cycling motion, almost like a second skin. An essential part of the design are the leg elastics which are soft, stretchy and easy to wear.?ÿ They help keep the shorts in place for the ride instead of riding up.?ÿ You never need to think about the short, so you can Ride Longer and Feel Stronger!

The background on this elaborate cycling jersey is inspired by the bicycle tire tread. Leave your mark on people’s minds when you power pedal past them!?ÿ We wanted to create a unisex design that could be worn by men and women and children so families can wear it while cycling together.

Power Tread Shorts use Top Shelf Chamois

The shorts use our Top Shelf chamois so you can Ride Longer and Feel Stronger. Top Shelf pad is an anatomically designed pad for the bike riding position. It uses multi-level production technology to improve comfort by relieving the pressure points between the body and the bicycle saddle. It is a fantastic fit that comes from a highly engineered design that fits all the curves between the legs and around the body's pelvic area. The side wings on this pad offer up excellent fit around your legs and torso. The surface of the chamois is antibacterial which is important to prevent the growth of bacterial which lead to saddle sores for long distance cyclists.

77% Nylon 23% Spandex, 8.2 oz. tricot construction

Proudly Made in USA

* Supports muscles with light compression from the high spandex content
* Silicone elastic grippers are sewn into place with a 3-step zig zag stitch
* Complete freedom of movement
* Side panel fabric is made of polyester/Lycra blend to be breathable and cool in the heat
* Crotch and chafe zone fabric is soft yet rugged for resistance to abrasion and snags
* Chamois pad is highly engineered to eliminate chafe, absorb shock and fit like a glove
* Check out the excellent visual effect of this designer kit

Men's Sprint Short - Size Chart
Size Waist (inches) Inseam (inches)
Small 28-30 8 1/2
Medium 32-34 8 3/4
Large 36-38 9 1/4
X-Large 38-40 9 1/2
XX-Large 42-44 9 1/2
3XL 46-48 9 1/2

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ATD Power Tread Padded Bike Shorts Made in USA


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