All About Cycling Jerseys

All About Cycling Jerseys - Design Features to Look for when choosing a good bicycle riding jersey.


The Fabric is usually a wicking or hydrophobic material like polyester or nylon. The Brands of fibers vary by manufacturer and include terms like Coolmax, Wickaway, and terms that include the term "wick" as this is essentially the important aspect of using a synthetic fabric for fitness activity. Cotton is not found in cycling is because it absorbs perspiration and becomes wet, heavy and clamy. A cotton jersey is bad for cycling as most experienced riders will tell you, the wet neckline from a cotton garment becomes uncomfortable really quick. On the other hand, the wicking polyesters stay dry in both the heat and the cold and make an ideal cycling material. The high performance polyester fibers are soft as cotton and feel soft, luxurious and rich. Carbon or Silver fibers in the knit can prevent bacteria and body odor. High end fabrics also prevent exposure to UV rays. Some manufacturers offer UV protective Coolmax bike jerseys in long sleeves to protect the arms from the sun.

Functional Styling - Cycling Jerseys are usually cut for the cycling position. This means the arms are forward for cycling, so a good cycling jersey has a special sleeve that has extra length in the back and a cutout in front. This makes the fit of the garment support the forward position of the arms. In addition the back of a cycle jersey is longer than the front. Often you will see the front of a bike jersey to be shorter and rounded for the seated position on a bicycle. The hem of a bike jersey usually has some elastic or gripper on the bottom. This is to make sure the jersey is not flapping in the wind when riding down a long hill. The elastic hem holds the garment in place during uphill ascents also.

Back Pockets - A traditional cycling jersey has back pockets that are easy to reach when riding a bike.  Experienced riders like an open elastic back pocket that can easily be accessed with one hand to retrieve items needed while riding - usually a snack, music player or keys.  The back pockets on a well designed garment are not at the bottom of the jersey but rather set up higher on the back so the pocket is on the small of the back.  This pocket placement prevents heavy loads from snagging the bike saddle when the rider stands or rides up hills.

Zippered Neckline - Another traditional item you will find on a cycle jersey. The zippered neckline enables the bike rider to vent heat or conserve heat depending on the stage of the ride.  Typically the zipper is lowered during intense activity like going up hills. The zipper is then pulled up to downhill descents to prevent the excess wind on the chest and to keep the collar from flapping around in the wind while going downhill.

Reflective Elements - A must for high visibility and low light conditions.  The best places for reflective elements are below the pocket in the back or on the left side of the jersey.

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