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Aero Tech Women's Empress Jersey - Patriot - Land of the Free Cycling Jersey

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Fabric: AeroCool
Size Chart: Fit and Size Chart


Aero Tech Women's Patriot Jersey - USA Land of the Freewomens-empress-cyclingjersey-patriot-usapanel.png

Express your appreciation for our land of the free and home of the brave. This is a red white and blue celebration of color and key stars and stripes form for those of us who want to support the American flag and the patriotism we all need to bring us together.   Be proud with this patriotic celebration.

The Women's Patriot Jersey is handcrafted in the USA then sold directly to you to cut out the retailers price mark-up!  All Patriot jerseys use our AeroCool Polyester Fabric that is excellent for printing and holding a vivid print for many years.  We offer sizes from X-Small to 5X-Large.  All jerseys come with a full separating YKK Zipper, three rear cargo pockets, and a reflective tab for safety in low light.  

The Patriot Jersey is great for Summer Holiday Rides!


  • Made in the USA
  • usa-made-here.jpgFactory Direct Value
  • Women's Specific Club cut - Not skin tight
  • Full Zipper is separating in front
  • Sizes from X-Small to 5X-Large
  • AeroCool™ Fabric is 100% wicking Polyester
  • Three Pockets on the Back with light elastic
  • Safety Reflective Element on Back Pocket from 3M Reflective
  • Content: 100% Polyester Microfiber
  • Weight: 190 Gram/yd
Aero Tech Women's Jersey- Size Chart
Size Women's Size Bust Waist (Estimate inches) Hip (inches)
X-Small 2 32 24 35
Small 4-6 33 - 34 25 - 26 36 - 37
Medium 8-10 35 - 37 27 - 28 38 - 39
Large 12 38 - 39 29 - 30 40 - 41
X-Large 14-16 40 - 41 31 - 32 42 - 43
XX-Large 18-20 43 - 45 36 - 38 47 - 49
3XL 22-24 47 - 49 40 - 42 51 - 53
4XL 26-28 51 - 53 44 - 46 55 - 57


womens-empress-cyclingjersey-patriot-model-front.png womens-empress-cyclingjersey-patriot-model-back.png




womens-empress-cyclingjersey-patriot-innercollar.png womens-empress-cyclingjersey-patriot-offback-detail.png womens-empress-cyclingjersey-patriot-sidepanel.png
womens-empress-cyclingjersey-patriot-offback-full.png womens-empress-cyclingjersey-patriot-sleeve.png womens-empress-cyclingjersey-patriot-offback-graphic.png


Fabric Information: AeroCool™

aero-cool-logo.fw.pngAeroCool™ is a wearable tech fabric that manages moisture away from the skin and through the clothing for evaporation. Moisture management is one of the key performance criteria in today’s apparel. Moisture management is the process of transporting moisture away from the skin to the garments outer surface Moisture management often refers to the transport of both moisture vapor & liquid away from the body. Wetting and then Wicking is the nature of a technically designed fabric. In the heat summer and athletics, trapped sweat can heat up the body and lead to fatigue or diminished performance.

When wearing a garment manufactured with AeroCool™ , the moisture vapor can pass through openings between filters of yarns. The polyester fibers are extruded in an angular shape and then knitted into a highly technical two stage fabric surface. The technical composition of fiber, fiber shape and knitting process all support the maintenance of body temperature.

When the body temperature heats up, sweat is produced. With a cotton garment, the sweat leads to "wetness" and increases clothing weight - especially in sweat prone areas like the neckline and arm pits. This wet is perceived as uncomfortable and with a negative effect on performance. Moistue management with AeroDri™ leads to temperature control and enhanced comfort. Keeping cool with technical performance fabric means moisture management. Temperature control can be achieved by evaporation of water on the skin's surface.

The wicking of moisture gives wearer a dry feeling by spreading the liquid to evaporate easily. Hydrophilic fibers like cotton are attracted to and bind with water, meaning the moisture is retained with poor moisture release. Hydrophobic fibers are synthetic like polyester or nylon. These fibers do not hold moisture and depending on their shape, their surface area and their small gaps in construction, the surface has few bonding sites for water to bind. This means the fabric stays dry and has good moisture transportation and evaporation (wicking). MicroFibers are key to the construction of AeroCool™ fabrics because of the fine fiber size and the knitted construction which contains small gaps and big surface areas for evaporation of moisture.

Complete the Kit!

The Women's Patriot Jersey looks great with our Women's Top Shelf Shorts or our Women's All American Shorts.   Also check out our CoolMAX Cycling/Athletic Socks and our Gel Padded Tempo 2.0 Cycling Gloves for accessories that provide riding comfort!

aero tech designs cycling apparel women's patriotic cycling jersey

100% Polyester

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