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Jason Burgess in Philly

2345 Preble Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 15233 Starting in 2015, this is the new home for Aero Tech Designs Cyclewear. This building was previously owned by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. The building features more than 60,000 usable sq. ft., multiple loading docks, and easy access to the Three Rivers Heritage Bike Trail. Inside, the building is divided in half by a wall. One half will be setup to warehouse the inventory and hold the equipment for the Custom Club and Team Division. The other half will have the sewing machines, early production equipment, shipping, and offices. Being close to the Three Rivers Heritage Bike Trail was an important factor for choosing this location. This trail is an interconnect system that provides safe cycling around the entire city. From this location, cycling to and from downtown Pittsburgh is very accessible. If you're in the area, stop by, and we'll go for a ride. In the future, we hope to relocate our factory outlet store into the new building. People will be able to bike there from all areas of the city. There is also parking to load and unload your bike. Related Articles:
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