Aero Tech BIG Men's All Day Cycling Shorts with Mesh Side Pockets

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Aero Tech BIG Mens All Day Cycling Shorts with Mesh Side Pockets

big man's all day cycling short for long distance cycling

This is the latest update in a long line of great Big men's cycling shorts from the folks who work at Aero Tech Designs.  This short is made of the proven and tested spandex fabric we have been using for many years. Ideal for plus size cycling enthusiast that need muscle support and light compression.  The material supports the moving muscles with a light compression that massages the muscles and reduces movement from vibrations.  The spandex fabric is a tireless workhorse for those who ride long distances often.  The fabric is tested on our Martindale abrasion tester and it barely shows the impact from the testing machine.  The fabric is rugged yet soft. 

The leg bands on this plus size men's cycling short are like a second skin gripper.pngyet highly functional to keep the shorts in place without having to pick and pull your legs into place.  The leg band is a two part spandex fabric with a light silicone gel that gently dots the inside to help keep the legs in place for long, all day rides.  You can get a short big enough to fit without a baggy knee, they fit great and feel fantastic when cycling. 

3M Reflective pocket top and a reflective tab keep you visible in low light conditions. 

Why 3M Scotchlite means Enhanced Visibility...

Highly reflective for enhanced visibility. Developed by 3M to help athletes be seen at nighttime and low light conditions. The 3M Scotchlite material provides increased visibility on the moving parts of the leg.  This is extremely important because each year, many athletes are killed in traffic crashes. Of the total accidents, 65 percent of pedestrian fatalities occur between 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.  Using Reflective clothing can increase visibility.


  • All Day Cycling Shorts designed for long distance
  • Made in the USA
  • Fabric is durable long lasting comfort
  • Power-band leg grippers with three step zig zag
  • 3M Scotchlite reflective pockets
  • Special mesh on side pockets to store items on and off the bike
  • Dense Chamois is great for 6 plus hour rides
  • Designed and made in Pittsburgh
  • Highly technical custom Italian chamois pad
  • Sewn in chamois density is 40-80

plus size for men

All Day Chamois Pad

all day chamois pad

This  is a long distance cycling pad, with a 10 mm thickness at the ischial bone area with a density of 40 to 80 kg depending on the area of the saddle.  The fabric on the face of this chamois is a highly technical blend of microfibers that prevent the growth of bacteria through a fine antibacterial stripe.  This pad is designed for long distance - six hour rides, and century events.
The pad's key component is the highly engineered Italian foam that cushions with a dual density, with high impact support in key areas. 

The pad is multiple layers with the top layer being a blue color, microfiber fleece with antibacterial finish, this is laminated to a lightweight foam.  The pad is skythed cut with a lazer to a highly engineered shape for men's comfort on a bicycle saddle.   Just the density needed is left behind on the foam once it is lazer cut to various thicknesses and cutouts.

  • The Chamois pad was developed for touring and long distances (6 hours plus)
  • The peak thickness is 10 mm with an engineered density of 40 to 80
  • Foams are perforated for coolness and breathability.
  • Engineered Italian foams with dual density for key bone areas
  • The fabric face of the pad is soft micro fleece

Standard Sizes are available!  Also see our Men's All Day Cycling Shorts


ATD Big Man's All Day Cycling Shorts - Made in USA

aero tech designs cycling apparel

Big Man's All Day Cycling Shorts Bike Shorts - Size Chart
Size Waist (inches) Inseam (inches)
- - -
3XL 48-52 8 1/4
4XL 54-56 8 1/2
5XL 58-60 9
6XL 62-64 9 1/4

Fabric:  84% Nylon/16% Spandex


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