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7 Resolutions Every Cyclist Should Make for 2014

Enjoy 2014 - Use these New Year's Tips to Make you a Better Cyclist

With the New Year approaching it's time to reflect on the past and plan for the future. We're able to evaluate all of the things we've done well and focus on the areas that still need some attention. This year, while you're planning out your resolutions, make room for a few changes that are guaranteed to make you a better cyclist.

Lose weight

Riding on a regular basis is a surefire way to trim down and improve your performance in the saddle. By making weight loss and cycling a priority you'll become more active. As a result your lifestyle is likely to be more active. Training will become part of your routine, making exercise more enjoyable.

Speed up

Ride in a group or find a riding partner who can push you to your limits. Seek out other cyclists who are more experienced than you. It doesn't hurt to have a cycling mentor. Doing so will help you ride out of your comfort zone in an attempt to keep pace. You'll pick up tips and tricks along the way. It's also a great way to socialize and stay motivated towards your cycling goals.

Be smart

Identify your training goals for the New Year. Will you prepare for a specific event, train for weight loss, or simply ride for fun? Once you decide what you hope to achieve you can create an action plan. If you plan to take your training more seriously, enlist the help of a coach who can help guide you along the way.

Brave the elements

If you skip out on a ride every time it rains you'll never make any progress. Commit to riding in the rain, pick up the appropriate rain gear, and stick to your routine regardless of the weather. Eliminate the excuses that have been keeping you from taking your fitness and cycling skills to the next level.

Ditch your car

Keep your car parked and ride your bike whenever it is possible. Try commuting to work, to the gym, or when you're running errands around town. Increasing the amount of time you spend in the saddle is a simple way to improve your cycling skills. Commuting is better for your wallet, the environment, and your health than driving everywhere.

Clean up. Make maintenance a priority

Perform regular checkups on your bike and gear. Take your ride to the repair shop. Upgrade old or faulty components. Be sure to wipe down and lube up as needed. Being proactive in the maintenance process will help ensure longevity of your bike and safety on your rides.

Live it up

It's time that you made a cycling bucket list. Is there a ride or race you always wanted to participate in? If not, you should start to think about it. If you have one on mind, make this year the year that it happens. Plan a cycling tour, take a bike-based vacation, ride across the country. It's time that you had that epic ride that you've always talked about. Round up your friends and take a ride that you can brag about, and revisit for years to come.

Happy New Years Everyone!