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Women's Cycling Underwear - Padded Liner Shorts

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Women's Cycling Underwear - Padded Liner Shorts

Women's Cycling Underwear - Padded Liner Shorts

These great underliners enable you to convert any short into a padded bike short. Ideal to eliminate chafe and absorb shock from the bicycle saddle. Also see our removable chamois pads.

Women's Padded Cycling Underwear are referred to as "liner shorts" because they are typically worn under a normal looking short. They are worn without underwear or panties of any type. This is because you want the pad to be next to your skin. The chamois padding prevents chafe, absorbs shock from the bounce of cycling, and makes long distances more comfortable.

Women's Padded Underliner shorts are also ideal for beginners who get a sore butt when cycling. You will feel a sense of relief immediately when you wear a pair of padded underliners. Ride Longer. Feel Stronger.

padded cycling liner short

When you need a little cushioning...

Women's Cycling Underwear - Padded Liner Short is a great alternative.

Use padded underwear under your shorts or stretch jeans. Cushion your butt bones for extra comfort. Women's Padded Under-liner shorts are made of a mesh fabric that is polyester and Lycra. The chamois pads and prevents chafing between the legs and cushions the butt bones (ischials). Get the immediate comfort and relief you need so you can ride longer and feel stronger.

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