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How to Wash Cycling Apparel

How to Wash Cycling Apparel

How to wash cycling clothes

Cycling apparel is made from specialty fabrics that need special care. A general misconception is that washing cycling clothes with your other clothes is ok to do. This is a sure way to reduce the life of your expensive cycling clothes. Follow these easy steps to care for your cyclewear made from synthetic fibers. At Aero Tech Designs, we use synthetic fibers in all of our clothing. Synthetic fibers include lycra, spandex, and polyesters. These instructions are for garments including these fibers. Products that are made from wool should not follow these steps.

1. Separate Jerseys and Shorts.

Zippers on jerseys can snag the shorts material and weaken or rip it. The same goes for anything with Velcro. Keep this away from your bibs and shorts. Make sure all zippers are zipped all the way closed, and if you're washing gloves close the Velcro.

2. Wash and Rinse with Cold Water. Set your machine to "gentle cycle".

When setting up the washing machine it's important to remember the nature of synthetic fibers. Hot water will break down the fibers unnecessarily fast. Use a gentle cycle to prevent shorts from getting snagged on the machine.

3. Use a Mild, Fragrance Free, without Fabric Softener Detergent.

If you have an allergy, use a hypo-allergenic detergent. You can opt for a sports specific detergent if you choose. The main thing is to kill the bacteria that form from sweat. Also, adding a cap full of distilled white vinegar or baking soda will aid in killing bacteria as well.

4. Hang to dry, do not place in dryer.

The dryer is the fastest place to ruin a pair of good cyclewear. Polyesters are fast drying anyways. The leg bands we use will not stand up to repeated dryer heat, and the elastic in the waist bands will break down.