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7 Mistakes Beginner Cyclists Make

7 Mistakes Beginner Cyclists Make

Learning to ride a two wheeler is a rite of passage for kids everywhere. When the training wheels come off it's time to cruise the neighborhood with pride. Then sometime between middle school and college, the bike gets swapped out for a car or friends with a four wheeled ride; your two wheels aren't so special anymore.

But the bike always makes a comeback. Maybe you're in college and need to get around campus. Perhaps you're looking to get fit, go on an off-road adventure, or save some cash by commuting to work. It doesn't matter when or why you reclaim your cycling roots; whether you're riding for fitness or fun, on the road or on the trail. What matters is that you avoid making the mistakes of a newbie cyclist. That's why we created this list, to have you looking and riding like a pro in no time.

1.Forgetting the fit.

Sure, you can go to the store, buy a shirt off the rack, toss it on, and have nothing to worry about. But, the same can't be said for a new bike. They're not one-size-fits-all. Even though bikes come in sizes, that doesn't mean it will be a perfect fit. That's why you should arrange a professional fitting to make sure you'll be riding comfortably and efficiently.

2.Endangering your dome.

This one is simple; when you buy a bike, buy a helmet. Then, when you ride, wear your helmet. It will save your life. There's really no explanation need beyond that.

3.Wearing faulty footwear.

After a bike and helmet, cycling shoes should be your third purchase. If you're simply cruising to class or back and forth to work, then you could get by without them. But, if you plan on riding long distances or competitively clipless pedals are a must. They'll take little getting used to, but once you get the hang of things you'll be glad you made the switch.

4.Doubling up.

Bike, check! Helmet, check! Shoes, check! Nice work, you're looking like a real cyclist now. Well you were, until you wore underwear beneath your cycling shorts. Believe it or not you are supposed to go commando under your cycling bib, tights, or shorts. Underwear will cause irritation. Plus, your bike shorts are designed with padding and fabric that wick moisture and eliminate the need for undies.

5.Crashing hard.

No, we're not talking about wrecking your bike; although you could chalk that up to your beginner status. In this case crashing refers to bonking or hitting the wall that results from improperly fueling your body. If you're heading out for a long ride be sure to eat up before you head out. No, this isn't excuse to gorge yourself on junk food or allow yourself to overeat. Eat a balanced meal that will energize you, instead weighing you down. Then, be sure to pack some snacks for the ride. And, don't forget to take your water bottle on the ride.

6.Chancing it.

What happens if you get a flat, blow your chain, or get lost? Have you prepared your flat kit, chain tool, and mapped out your ride? If you answered no you are in for a rude awakening when the unexpected happens, and it will happen. Don't leave the house without having thought out your ride and prepared your repair kit. It's also a good idea to take some cash and your cell phone in case of an emergency.

7.Going for broke.

If you're a newbie cyclist that means you're not a professional; at least not yet. So remember that when you're setting out on a ride. Not every day can be a 100 mile day. As a matter of fact, if you really are a rookie rider, you shouldn't be thinking about riding that far. You have to start small and increase the lengths of your rides over time. Ride and then recover. Being realistic and working within your abilities will help you make progress overtime, while avoiding injury or burnout.

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